Below is a list of resources to support you in writing a script suitable for a low budget to meet the guidelines of our feature script contest. There are also some general screenwriting resources as well.

Screenwriting Articles:

Writing a low-budget screenplay that sells by Bryon Blakey

10 Top Tips for Writing a Micro-Budget Script

5 Tips on Writing No-Budget/Low-Budget Feature Screenplays (on IndieWire Blog)

5 Good Reasons to Write a No-Low Budget Script (Script magazine)

13 Commandments for the Micro-Budget Screenplay

The Microbudget Conversation: Script vs. Story (Filmmaker Magazine)

General Screenwriting Resources:

Creative Screenwriting Magazine

Script Magazine

Filmmaker Magazine

Writers Guild of America, West (WGAw) has an extensive list of valuable resources and links

10 Best Screenwriting Contests to Enter

Movie Bytes - searchable directory of screenplay contests according to various categories. Smaller, specialized, and niche contests can have better odds of winning.

The Best Screenwriting Software of 2015 | Top Ten Reviews

5 Best Screenwriting and Filmmaking Podcasts - free online "radio shows" offer a wealth of information. You can search the keywords on iTunes, Stitcher, or Blog Talk Radio and listen on your computer, iPod, or smart phone.