New ‘Leave ’em Hooked’ Screenwriting Class

Is the opening of your screenplay grabbing the reader and pulling them in? Screenwriter Ed Leschke presents the “Leave ’em Hooked” Screenwriting Class, wherein you’ll learn techniques on how to improve the first ten to fifteen pages of your screenplay. Ed will cover the twelve essentials for beginning a script, including one which may set your script apart from all others in a reader’s stack! Whatever skill level you’re at, if you want to improve your scripts opening this class is for you. Hook your reader and keep ’em hooked. Note: Register early to get started on the pre-class email exercises.

When: The class will be held 10:15AM to 12:30PM, Saturday, November 15, 2008.

Where: Roseville Library, 2180 Hamline Ave N, Roseville, Minnesota, 55113.

Cost: $20 for Screenwriters Workshop, IFP, and MN-WIFT members. $10 with student ID. $25 for general public.

To register: Send us an email including your name, address, phone, and whether you’re a member, student, or general public.

Class fees go toward staging the next “Leave ’em Hooked” Screenwriters Showcase (Spring 2009).

About the instructor:

Screenwriter and playwright Edward Leschke has learned what to do and what not to do as a longtime Screenwriters Workshop script group member and leader. He is a three time Nicholl Semifinalist, Austin Film Festival Finalist, and McKnight Finalist.

For further information contact the instructor directly at: (651) 341-8162.