“Leave Em Hooked” Screenwriters’ Showcase 2.0


Screenwriters’ Workshop requests scripts from SWW members for the “Leave Em Hooked” Screenwriters’ Showcase 2.0. Application is FREE to SWW members with a March 31st due date. The Showcase event will take place in May 2009 at TBD location. The purpose of the event and program is to expose SWW member work to the public including potential producers and filmmakers and to provide an avenue of feedback on member work.

Screenwriters should submit the first ten to fifteen pages of their feature length screenplay which should include the “hook” or “inciting incident.” Do not submit the complete script. A maximum of three (3) entries per person or team. Applications for the Showcase will be screened by a panel knowledgeable in screenwriting using various criteria such as a compelling hook, quality of writing, and memorable characters . The script pages should be from a feature length screenplay. Preferably a completed script. No “shorts.” The panel will provide feedback, which will be e-mailed or mailed back to each entrant, on all scripts.

The panel will select the work of five (5) to seven (7) screenwriters that best represent the work and diversity of the screenwriting community and will be read by professional actors at the Showcase. After the event’s final reading, audience members will vote on which script they would most like to see developed on screen and a $50 prize will be presented to the winner.
The Showcase is open only to current Screenwriters’ Workshop members. Application due date is March 31st (Extended to April 10th) and selected screenwriters will be notified by April 30th. All Showcase applicants receive FREE admission to the May Showcase Event.

Email applications and questions to info@screenwritersworkshop.org

Click here for details on how to become a member.

Or call Ed Leschke – Showcase Coordinator (651) 341-8162 (cell)

Eligibility Requirements:

Be a full-time resident of Minnesota or surrounding state

Be a paid current member of SWW (to join www.screenwritersworkshop.org)

Be at least eighteen years old

A maximum of 3 entries allowed per individual or team


All materials and membership dues must be received, either via email or mail, by the end of the business day (5 pm) on March 31st (Extended to April 10th) at the SWW offices or its’ email address info@screenwritersworkshop.org Note: This is not a postmark date.

Application Info:

Please send application via email (preferred) or mail, including the following information and your 10 to 15 page script. If entering more than one script, please send applications separately. Application is FREE.

Email applications to info@screenwritersworkshop.org

Put SWW Showcase 2009 in the email reply line. Include following in body of email.


Home Address

Phone Numbers: Day Evening

e-mail address

State if current SWW member or membership mailed

Title of Script

Logline (under 75 words) which gives the selection panel context for your initial pages.

Send as an attachment the opening pages (10 pages or under preferred – 15 pages maximum) of a feature length screenplay. Use pdf (preferred), word file, rtf file or Final Draft.

The pages should be in standard screenplay format, include fewer than ten characters and contain a “hook” or inciting incident that sets up the rest of the script.

While emailed applications are preferred, applications can be mailed to:

Screenwriters’ Workshop
Hennepin Center for the Arts
528 Hennepin Avenue South #507
Minneapolis, MN 55403

SWW reserves the right to edit selected scripts for event reading purposes.

It is recommended your script is WGA registered or copyrighted.

Do not send complete script!! No shorts!