Chronicles of Script to Screen Production 2010

Dear Diary, After winning the Script-to-Screen Challenge this year for my short script “I Have No Right to Sing the Blues,” I was asked to write a blog—a diary, if you will, about my experiences as my script goes to the screen. With as much other stuff as I have to do (working full time, raising two kids and a husband, not to mention screenwriting), I think it’s a worthwhile activity. Before you see the process of moving something from the page to the film, you really can’t understand the full scope of what screenwriting entails. This will be my third short script put into production. My first, “Forgotten” was done for the Screenlab Challenge in 2007. I was fortunate enough to have Chris Gegax, a talented director, agree to produce it for the contest. He recruited Jon Springer as his director of photography, and the look and feel that resulted was amazing and won first place. The following year with the help of fellow director/screenwriter David Erickson, I tried my own hand at directing my script “Good Love Rises.” With David helping me all the way, it got second place in the contest, but I’ll stick to writing, thank you very much!

Poster-I’ve Got No Right To Sing the Blues