Q&A with Nick Sadler from “True Grit”

Nick will be seen this month in The Coen Brothersʼ adaptation of TRUE GRIT and is currently on screens with Naomi Watts in Doug Limanʼs FAIR GAME. As an actor he has worked with such acclaimed acclaimed directors Barry Levinson, Oliver Stone, Angezska Holland and Martin Brest. As a writer and director his work has been screened at festivals around the world. Heʼs currently developing a feature film with Todd Field (In The Bedroom, Little Children)

Upcoming Event

Make it Personal: The Key to Succeeding in Todayʼs Film Business

Screenwriter GiGi New and Actor Writer Director Nick Sadler invite you to join them for an illuminating conversation pertaining to their experience developing films in Hollywood and where the industry is headed.
In an era of “the tent pole” and “blockbuster” movie mind set, ironically, the greatest opportunities for writers and directors to get noticed, and to thrive, is in the making of the personal film.
The more intimate, the more authentic, the better
Whether youʼre a screenwriter or a director, or both, GiGi and Nick will cover several key areas including:

  • The Film industryʼs search for original voices: New strategies being employed to find fresh talent
  • Social Media: Shaping screenwriting, filmmaking, and acquisitions
  • How recent independently financed, micro budgeted films have found arewarding audience and seized the attention of the major studios and global financiers.
  • How to stay true to your own voice and have confidence in your vision.
  • How to execute a comprehensive narrative that will bring your audience into theprocess of your storytelling early, gain their loyalty, and utilize their enthusiasm.

GiGi and Nick have 15 years experience in the entertainment business, working on studio, independent, and micro budget, new media projects.

When: Saturday January 15th, 2011 10 AM – 1 PM
Where: IFP Media Arts Center 2446 University Ave. WestSt. Paul, MN 55114 651-644-1912 (phone)
Admission: $60.00

Space is limited. Reserve early.
RSVP by January 10th 2011