Script-to-Screen Announces “slumber/lumber” Finalists

Three men’s scripts top the list of 12 round one entries. Congratulations to our members (in alphabetical order) — Al Easter for THE OVERNIGHT GUEST, Ted Magee for CRADLE AND ALL, and Eric Olson for MELANCHOLY.

Instead of members voting for and commenting on the 9 finalists’ scripts at the end of this contest, the Screenwriters’ Workshop Board has decided to post the scripts, three at a time as they become finalists, for members to read. So click away on the PDF’s attached and read our top 3 shorts to date! Our judges have the ”rave/slave” scripts in hand, so round two of S-to-S is progressing on time. 15 April is the DEADLINE for “bloom/doom” — members are encouraged to enter; it’s your one last chance to be a finalist.