SWW Board of Directors Q&A

Answers from the SWW Board of Directors to member-asked questions:

First of all, many thanks to former board members: James McConnell, who recently retired upon completion of his board term; and Brett Johnson, who resigned but will continue to consult as needed on our website.

1. How many more Script Night public readings will there be in 2011-12?
Just two, one in the fall and one in the spring at The Jungle Theater in Uptown Minneapolis.

2. News on the Script-to-Screen winning short?
While writer Karen Frank was on holiday in Norway, director Howard Day cast the actors and shot the S2S winner using MCTC’s new Red camera on July 9th. The budget was met and Trina was on set as the Script Supervisor. AND, Eric Olson –who won the runner-up spot this year– asked to have his short script shot at his own expense ($2,000 or more has been budgeted by Olson); this request seemed reasonable and so, yes, his project was assigned to a director and crew and was also shot in July. The winning film (and possibly runner-up) will be screened at the Annual Meeting on October 1st.

3. Does Trina plan any “mixers” for members soon?
These get togethers have been very popular. If anyone would like to take over as committee chairperson, please contact Trina0623 at yahoo dot com. If not, Trina says that she may continue to chair, but with a new format. Mixers will no longer be stand-alone events with only SWW members – the real value in this is to network with other disciplines (actors, directors, producers, crew, etc). Mixers will be combined to precede other SWW events or with other related organizations such as MN-WIFT, Directors Workshop, MN FTVB, IFP, Playwrights Center, etc.

4. What are the new S2S rules for 2012?
Come to the annual SWW meeting in October when all will be revealed. A few rule changes are being contemplated. As of now, we know that the three deadlines for entering will be 15 November, 15 December and 15 January.

5. Will there be pitching again at the annual meeting?
Yes, this year’s speaker, a producer, will hear and critique 3 to 5 pitches– probably very much like last year’s speaker (Judith James) did. Ed Leschke plans a fall workshop for those members interested in learning pitching techniques.

6. Can Script Night readings be recorded for pod cast or other use?
Maybe– but it depends upon whether or not union actors are performing; these union rules must be looked into and permission granted before taping is allowed.

7. Have membership dues been raised?
No. Fifty dollars per year is the on-going membership fee for regular ( non-student) members. Script group leaders will be asked to make sure everyone in each writing group is a SWW member, and it is necessary to be a member before a script is accepted to be read at Second Tuesday.