2012 Script-to-Screen Round 3 Results

SwW’s three judges have chosen three semi-finalists for the January round of the 2011-2012 Script-to-Screen short script contest with the theme “fore for four.”
A TABLE FOR FOUR by May Chaplin
LEFT TURN by Patty McDonald
WHAT FORE FOR FOUR? by Charlie McAnulty
In addition to the above, the semi-finalists from rounds one and two are:
“before eight ate:”
TOMMY’S TEA TIME by Randy Holland
WHAT YOU CAN SEE by David C.C. Erickson
“after one won:”
AND THE WINNER IS by May Chaplin
ESCALATION by David Erickson
THE LAST BUS RIDE by Deanna Perchyshyn
All the semi-finalist scripts will be posted for members to read and vote on their favorite.
By early February, the judges will narrow down the 9 semi-finalists to 3 finalists.   SwW next sends these 3 finalists’ scripts to IFP-MN as a part of its “Fresh Filmmakers Production Contest” where directors  hoping to win the contest will pitch on the scripts they hope to film and ONE director will win his or her choice of ONE of the three finalists’ scripts, which will then be filmed over the Summer.  Therefore, in the end, only ONE filmed script will be SwW’s 2012 Script-to-Screen winner and the other TWO will be runners-up.