Script Night Program at The Playwrights’ Center

Screenwriters’ Workshop is pleased to partner with The Playwrights’ Center to offer new options for the Script Night staged reading program. This is a valuable learning opportunity to work with a Dramaturg and hear your script performed by actors.

OPTION 1: Member Stage Reading with Feedback
Member Stage readings are a writer-driven process—there is no director and no rehearsal. The Playwrights’ Center casting department will cast the reading based on the notes provided to us by the writer, in addition to Stage Directions reader. Both Equity and non-union actors are used. Actors are called in one half-hour before the reading. Writers are encouraged to meet with the cast and help guide them in terms of the tone/spirit of the reading, as well as any pertinent information for a cold read. All Member Stage reading events are free and open to the public, unless you decide on a private reading.
Option 1 carries a $250 fee, which includes fees for administration, casting & dramaturgy. Actor pay is an additional fee and is the responsibility of the member.  PWC casts the actors at $13/hr (3 hour minimum); there is no Director.  The Dramaturg reads the play beforehand and provides formal feedback after the reading in the form of a discussion with the writer. There is no talkback with the audience.  Your reading will be promoted on the websites and member e-Bulletins from both PWC and SWW.
OPTION 2: Member Stage Reading (no formal feedback)
This option carries a $100 administrative fee. PWC casts the actors at $13/hour (3 hour minimum).  Actor pay is an additional fee and is the responsibility of the member.  There is no Director or Dramaturg. Playwrights’ Center staff will facilitate the reading and lead a brief Talkback afterwards, but there is no formal feedback. Your reading will be promoted on the websites and in the Member e-Bulletins of both PWC and SWW.
NOTE:  staged readings will no longer be sponsored after a script goes through the Second Tuesday reading process due to lack of funds. Staged readings will only be sponsored by SWW for the winner of the SWW Feature Contest.