2013 Feature Contest Finalists Chosen

The first round judges have chosen the finalists to advance to the next round of the 2013 Feature Script Contest.  A total of 18 entries were received and narrowed down to the top 5 finalists. In alphabetical order:

Degenerate – by Karen Frank  Logline:  After twenty years in Anoka State Psychiatric Hospital, artist Otto Becker asks his estranged daughter Lena to accompany him on a journey to reclaim artwork lost for nearly half a century. But will there be enough time to make up for years of misunderstanding?

Ride Along – by Al Easter  Logline:  A college boy goes on a ride-along with his local police department and gets involved in a shoot-out.

Rock Solid – by Lisa Umhoefer  Logline:  A young woman has to rally and start from scratch to fulfill her dreams to be a singer-songwriter.

The Land of Milk and Hotdish – by Karen Frank  Logline:  Desperate and jobless, Danny Miller answers an advertisement asking for Jews to move to a small town in Minnesota to boost the membership of a dying congregation. If he stays for six months, they’ll give him fifty thousand dollars – and hopefully, none of them will figure out that he’s not Jewish.

Turn of the Wheel – by Jill M Schmaedeke  Logline:  Sandy, a sheltered housewife, must get behind the wheel of her late husband’s big rig to make ends meet.  Her journey takes her through misogynistic trucking school and out onto the open road where she encounters sexism and confronts her own racism when she unexpectedly finds a pregnant illegal alien in her truck.

The scripts were rated in the following categories:  Presentation, Opening, Commercial Potential, Dialogue, Characterization, Plot, Theme, Pacing, Premise/Concept, Structure, Style/Tone, and Adherence to Contest Rules.

Thanks to all the writers who entered and good luck to the finalists. And thanks to our sponsor Thomson Rueters for a second year of support.