2014 Script-to-Screen Contest Winner

GARBAGE SALE by Karen Frank was judged the winner–“funny, complete and satisfying…and easily filmed.” And this year, because of many high quality entries, there is a tie for Runner-up —  THE CHAIR,  also written by Karen  Frank (DOUBLE CONGRATULATIONS!)  and  LION LATTE written by Dick Zonneveld  (CONGRATULATIONS TOO!). Both scripts hold the runner-up position.   Karen’s winning script will be filmed in Summer 2014.

The finalists for “cue/queue” were Randy Holland for FAMILY FRACAS,  Karen Frank for THE THIRD PROMISE and Dick Zonneveld for LION LATTE.

It is clear that consistently entering the Script-to-Screen Contest each month does pay off.  Use all of SwW’s contests to your advantage and KEEP WRITING !