SWW Web13 Challenge Winners

Thank you to the Twin Cities screenwriting community and to the members of SWW who participated in our Web 13 Challenge on May 17th when 26 writers wrote 56 webisode scripts for the SWW original web series “TJ Tech.” An initial judging panel selected 28 finalist scripts and a second panel of independent judges selected the following winners.

Episode 2  Script 13A  David Hoh  The Main Man
Episode 3  Script 3A  Karen Frank  Untitled
Episode 4  Script 2A  Tony Reichstadt  Untitled
Episode 5  Script 1B  Randy Holland  The Pakistan Conspiracy
Episode 6  Script 14C  Nathan Grefsrud  Untitled
Episode 7  Script 3B  Karen Frank  Untitled
Episode 8  Script 27B  Jen Plasek  Untitled
Episode 9  Script 13C  David Hoh  Dusting
Episode 10  Script 37A  Harry Reynolds  Mr. Ceviche
Episode 11  Script 2B  Tony Reichstadt  Untitled
Episode 12  Script 31A  Piper Mandle  Untitled
Episode 13  Script 31B  Piper Mandle  Untitled

The writers above won a $50 prize and their script will have a public reading as part of a Twin Cities Film Festival event at Minneapolis Community & Technical College on Saturday, October 18th at 1:00 pm.

Thank you again for participating and we welcome any comments on how to make this a bigger and better event in the future. We also hope you and your friends will attend the TCFF (@TCFilmFest) event at MCTC in October.