Finalists: November 2014 Script to Screen Challenge

The decision is in from the panel of judges who have chosen the following finalists for the first round of the 2014 Script to Screen Challenge. Short scripts of 10 pages were submitted in the first of three months of contest entries (Nov & Dec 2014 & Jan 2015). The theme words given were “Lead/Lead.” Good luck to all the writers and thanks to everyone who entered! Please polish up your scripts and submit entries for all three months.

“In the Clouds” by Larry Matthews
Genre: Drama
Logline: A Man and a Women with very different visions discover how to work together.

“Ancient Spirits” by Julie Meyer
GENRE:  Drama
LOGLINE:  A young man, still living in a claustrophobic apartment with his mother, receives mysterious text messages that lead him to even more mystery.

“Percipient” by Dick A. Zonneveld
Genre: Suspense
Logline: Two researchers studying communications from the dead become the subjects of  their own research when one of them dies.