Script to Screen Contest Dec 2014 Finalists

The decision is in from the panel of judges who have chosen the following finalists for the second round of the December 2014 Script to Screen Challenge. Short scripts of 10 pages were submitted in the first of three months of contest entries (Nov & Dec 2014 & Jan 2015). The theme words given were “Wound/Wound.” Please polish up your scripts and submit entries for the upcoming deadline of midnight on Thursday January 15th. Writers may enter all three months. Free entry for members. Regular membership $50; student membership $25 annually. You would also be eligible to enter SWW’s Feature Contest in February.

Good luck to all the writers and thanks to everyone who entered! Congratulations to the finalists below!

Writer’s Name:  Randy Holland
Genre:  Political Satire
Logline:  Deep underground, America’s leaders face down a robot revolution.

Writer’s Name: Dick A. Zonneveld
Genre: Black Comedy
Logline:  A young woman, rushing to meet her husband and mother-in-law for lunch, runs into trouble on a deserted county road.  It all goes downhill from there.

WRITER’S NAME:  David W. Pollard
GENRE:  Suspense
LOGLINE:  An old man must take matters into his own hands when the hit man he hires fails.