2015 Script-to-Screen Contest Results

This year’s  winning Script-to-Screen short screenplay is VOODOO by SwW member Peter Groynom. And the 2015 runner-up is SUNDOWN written by David Pollard. The winning script will be produced this Summer with a prize package of $2,000 co-sponsored by SwW and the Twin Cities Film Festival. The ten minute film will then be screened at the TCFF in October. Congratulations to Peter and David!

Below is a complete list of all 9 finalists. These writers could be open to working with producers and directors to produce their short scripts, so interested parties should contact SwW for referrals.

TITLE:  Green Planet
WRITER’S NAME: Randy Holland
GENRE:  Comedy
LOGLINE:  Teenagers clash over artistic differences while making a no-budget steampunk-magitech-fantasy webseries.

TITLE: Voodoo
WRITER’S NAME: Peter Groynom
GENRE: Paranormal Comedy
LOGLINE: Stewart, lonely and unemployed, discovers that his dim-witted childhood friend is now a millionaire. What’s his secret?

TITLE:  Wildflower Saviors
WRITER’S NAME:  Julie Meyer
GENRE: Drama
LOGLINE:  A captain confronts a young private accused of deserting the army in the 19th Century.

WRITER’S NAME:  Randy Holland
GENRE:  Political Satire
LOGLINE:  Deep underground, America’s leaders face down a robot revolution.

WRITER’S NAME: Dick A. Zonneveld
GENRE: Black Comedy
LOGLINE:  A young woman, rushing to meet her husband and mother-in-law for lunch, runs into trouble on a deserted county road. It all goes downhill from there.

TITLE:  Sundown
WRITER’S NAME:  David W. Pollard
GENRE:  Suspense
LOGLINE:  An old man must take matters into his own hands when the hit man he hires fails.

TITLE: In the Clouds
WRITER’S NAME: Larry Matthews
GENRE: Drama
LOGLINE: A Man and a woman with very different visions discover how to work together.

TITLE: Ancient Spirits
WRITER’S NAME: Julie Meyer
GENRE:  Drama
LOGLINE:  A young man, still living in a claustrophobic apartment with his mother, receives mysterious text messages that lead him to even more mystery.

TITLE: Percipient
WRITER’S NAME: Dick A. Zonneveld
GENRE:  Suspense
LOGLINE:  Two researchers studying communications from the dead become the subjects of their own research when one of them dies.