SWW Strategic Directions and Committees

Summary of Annual Meeting Saturday, Dec. 2

New Committees formed and seeking members!

SWW needs your participation to survive and thrive!

Plans and visions were discussed regarding the formation of four new committees:

Education Committee

Fundraising & Grant Writing Committee

Member Services Committee

Public Relations Committee

Committees will have on-site meetings with virtual work in between:

January 13, April 14, July 14, Oct 13, 2018

All meetings Saturdays 9a to 11:30a at FilMNorth, at 550 Vandalia Street, Suite 120, Saint Paul, MN 55114

(Free parking in the back next to Lake Monster Brewing Company)

Come be a part of the exciting new projects!

To ask questions or sign up for a committee, please email MNscreenwritersWorkshop@gmail.com

At the SWW annual meeting on Saturday, December 2, 2017, members attending were offered the opportunity to share their ideas of what they would like to see offered by the group. After each person offered their thoughts, the responses were grouped. Each group was labeled with a category title that describes the overall directions that organically emerged from the group’s collective ideas.

The board and each of the new committees will work with an eye to the overall directions established, but some of the particular ideas fall primarily in the scope of a particular committee. These ideas are color coded to each committee as follows:

Screenwriters Workshop Board

Fundraising & Grantwriting Committee

Member Services Committee

Public Relations Committee

Education Committee

It should be noted that the work of the board and committees are not limited to these initiatives, as core operational work will need to continue to make these ideas a reality and to support a strong, vibrant organization for years to come.

Re-Evaluate Organizational GovernanceSystematize/Automate Membership ProcessWelcome and Set Expectations for MembersPromote Career Development for Screenwriters
·      Do not make group leaders financial gatekeepers for payment—only provide info back to the board

·      Expand board member definition to all key positions, but only officers vote (helps groom future board members and looks better for grants

·      Shift all website/tech duties to a new webmaster position

·      Elections?

·      Put bylaws on Google docs

·      Joint membership, one fee

·      Facilitate membership payment (approved by group leader and/or the board)

·      eMail alerts about membership due date, etc…

·      Enrollment date, always the 1st day of the month

·      Same annual membership due date! January!!! $85

·      Pro-rated initial membership TDB—e.g. $7.00 per month


·      Make sure that each script groups presents a number of finished scripts each year

·      Brochures to hand out to new members

·      New Benefit?   Have a member list online that links to the members’ website, or offer to host a simple, static web page for a member

·      Terms and agreements for new members

·      YouTube tutorial for group members

·      Keep script groups on task: writing, news, that’s IT

·      New member goodie bag

·      Class: “How to Have a Minneapolis-Based Career”

·      Career Development 101 Workshop

·      Agent representation counseling

Support the Promotion of Individual and Group SuccessDevelop Member Fundraising and ServicesIdentify and Recruit New Sources of MembershipEnhance Education Opportunities for Screenwriters
·      Show more history of winning scripts and 2nd Tuesday scripts

·      Publicize our contest winners on website more “Wall of Fame”

·      Video script showcase to help promote members

·      Promo video of actual SWW Script Group

·      Merchandise—t-shirts, mugs, pens

·      Fundraising activities

·      Get organization discounts for screen-writing software


·      Recruit former and lapsed members

·      Program outreach to schools—kids don’t know about screenwriting

·      Allow schools to form new script groups

·      What is our brand?   Develop a brand

·      More education on how to self-produce (finance, production) the script

·      More education about writing for television

·      Sharing resources

o   How-to books

o   Screenplays

o   Contacts

·      Class:   Improv for Writers

Develop Services and Support for the Writing ProcessNetwork with the Greater Film Community
·      More links/content on website

·      Workshop:   How to get the most from a film fest (e.g. Austin)

·      Consultation/technical advice for writing “hiccups”

·      Draft reviews—peer to peer (coverage)

·      Event:   Analyze Script, Then Watch Movie

·      Revival of former model of script night

·      SWW Team for 48 hour Film Contest

·      Weekly Screenwriting tip on Facebook

·      Embrace the digital age

·      “Just Write Jam Session”

Progressive script—multiple members write one script

·      Create a new group whose goal is to help with pitching

·      Connect directors, producers with writers for special projects

·      Pitch fest

·      “Speed dating” for screenwriters, directors, and producers on pitches (x2)

·      Writing the historical screenplay

·      Partner with the MN History Society for script contest with historical perspective

·      Connect more with local theaters for readings

·      Class:   Write 1 page scripts, then invite actors and directors to do live reading

·      Pitch contest, including class and video for virtual pitch

·      Bring back Screenwriters Showcase

·      Co-schedule writing groups with FilMNorth Screenwriting classes to recruit new members

·      Contests for contained shorts that can be produced with IFP North backing

·      Cross-promote writers with IFP North producers to collaborate on projects

·      Another webisode in a day event

·      Meet and greet with local directors


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