Screenwriters Workshop Newsletter April 29, 2018

SWW Shorts Contest 2018 Results

The winners of the SWW 2018 Shorts Contest are:

1st (Tie) John Gigrich “Witches of Wonder”
1st (Tie) Kelly Lamphear-Dash “Pre-Determined”
3rd  (Tie) Randy Holland “Bunker Bedlam”
3rd  (Tie) Randy Holland “Sibling Squabble”

John and Kelly will split the $500 prize.

Thank you to those who participated.

Big Changes Underway—Check It Out

If you are new or have not been in contact with Screenwriters’ Workshop in a while, welcome! Since the start of the year the board has been working hard making exciting new changes based on membership ideas provided at a visioning session at the general meeting on December 2, 2018.

The meeting also announced changes to the board structure, which opened up the previously four-person team to quadruple its capacity through the use of committees. Committees are now established in the areas of Educational Programs, Member Services, Public Relations, and Fundraising.  As the committee work moves forward, the expanded group are planning many new opportunities for the screenwriting community in the coming year.  The next full quarterly meeting is July 14thwith committee meetings starting at 11:00 AM at FilmNorth.

Cool New Space

By the way, don’t forget Screenwriters’ Workshop has moved!  Script groups, board meetings, and upcoming events now take place at the beautiful space of FilmNorth. Click here for directions.  A key advantage to using the FilmNorth space is the easy access to video projection systems. Groups are already projecting pages, showing video clips, or sharing their projects.  As an added bonus, it is right across the way from the lively Lake Monster Brewery, in case you want to have a quick drink before or after your script group.

Want to Make a Movie?  Join the SWW Team for the 48 Hour Film Fest

Screenwriters Workshop will be sponsoring a team to enter the 48 Hour Film Fest.  In the course of a weekend, teams must put together a short film from an assigned concept.  SWW will front the team’s entry fee, but participants would need to provide their own food and miscellaneous expenses.  Oh yeah—and you MUST be a member to get in on the deal.  If you are interested email:  But don’t delay.  The deadline is May 25th!

You Spoke. We Listened.

In the last couple of months, the Educational Programs Committee put out a survey to members. About half of those who responded had never been to a Screenwriters’ Workshop event outside of a script group. For those who had not, most were looking for a better variety of events, or events that were more conveniently scheduled.  When asked what type of events members wanted, those responding said they would like workshop events with recognizable people, script analysis programs, an annual conference, workshops on general writing, and career development.  Of course, the biggest issue for everyone was time.

One idea that will be materializing from the feedback in the near future is the “Pop-Up Coffee Shop.” Just as everyone likes to go to a coffee shop to work, Screenwriters’ Workshop will host a coffee shop, complete with coffee and bakery items for a full day of scheduled writing.  It is just the excuse to plant you to your chair and make a day out of your dream of getting to that award-winning screenplay. More details to come in our next newsletter.

Not to Brag, But You Really Have to Check Out Our Website.

The Public Relations Committee just completed an overhaul of its website.  The first thing you will notice is it opens up to videos of short film winners the SWW sponsored “Script-to-Screen” Contest.  A new video will be displayed each month.  It offers members one more opportunity to highlight their projects.  All available videos (with sound) are listed in the Winning Videos and Scripts tab.  Other features have been added to make navigation easier and update functionality behind the scenes.  Many thanks to web administrator Randy Holland for spending more than 100 hours on the overhaul!

Haven’t Renewed Your Membership in a While?  You’ll Want To!

With all the exciting changes going on, you will want to be part of a collaborative community that will support you in your work.  Whether it is professional development, contests, or simply companions with you on your writing journey, come be a part of Screenwriters’ Workshop.  Contests and some events are only available to members. We can help make your dreams a reality. Click here to join now!  It will be worth your while.