Ending scene from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK

During SWW’s early online days, it used several website addresses and social media accounts. In hindsight, this meant SWW’s history wasn’t always archived. In 2018, as part of overhauling its website, e-mail newsletters started being posted online. This obviously helps promote members and events on social media. But it also publicly archives SWW news for online search engines.

SWW’s latest archiving project resurrected blog and website info from 2002-2012. This was done using The Wayback Machine and other cyber research. This history is now republished as backdated blog posts on SWW’s website. This project and archiving newsletters helps verify member exploits for grant committees, agents, producers, etc.

DISCLAIMER: The Wayback Machine takes sporadic, imperfect snapshots of websites. Absent webpage info often includes “Read more” content and photos. Also, prior to 2018, many SWW events were only promoted via e-mails. These older e-mails were not archived. Apologies for this incomplete history, yet as the saying goes, “This is better than nothing.” Future SWW historians may attempt to fill in elusive history. Until then, restored news includes appropriate graphics and images when available, but was edited for formatting purposes and to remove obsolete info.

Anyone with archiving questions should contact SWW at

Take care, and best wishes with your writing projects!