Short Script Mini-Challenge

Short Script Mini-Challenges in 2021

In addition to following the general rules of our short script contest, each entry must follow the parameters by the deadlines below:

  • March 15th—The “5 Senses Mini-Challenge,” where the script must evoke each of the five senses. (Reading and voting on March 28 at 6:30 PM.)
  • June 15th“A Stitch in Time Mini-Challenge” in which the entry must have time jumps, either flash backs or a flash forward. (Reading and voting on June 27 at 6:30 PM.)
  • September 15th –The “Twisting Tropes Mini-Challenge” that requires writers to write against (contrary to) a common movie troupe. In your entry, you must identify which trope you are writing against.  Here are some, and there are many more if you just google. (Reading and voting on September 26 at 6:30 PM.)
  • November 15th“Medium Inspiration Mini-Challenge” in which you can write a script inspired by another medium—specifically, the famous works of art Nighthawks by Edward Hopper, The Thinker by August Rodin, or The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. (Reading and voting on November 28 at 6:30 PM.)

Voting for each of these will be done in a public, online reading on the dates specified above.  Winners of each mini-challenge will choose between a SWW t-shirt and $20.  They will also be entered into the final juried award at the end of the year for a chance to win $250.  Please do not submit your entry prior to the deadline of the previous contest.  Members only are eligible to enter, but non-members may attend the public online reading and voting events.

Use this Zoom link to attend a reading/voting event:
Meeting ID: 533 859 616
Password: 848149

Past Mini-Challenges

The following mini-challenge winners will be eligible for a cash prize at the end of 2021.

  • Social Distancing Short Script Challenge
  • Winning Script and Writer:  “The Shell” by Neal Patrick Peterson
  • Theme of Challenge: Social Distancing During COVID-19
  • Deadline: 5/15/20
  • Reading: 5/24/20

The Charlie Chaplin Challenge

  • Winning Script and Writer: “Dreamsicle” by Karen Frank.
  • Logline: A young boy’s story of connection with his parents.
  • Theme of Challenge: Script with 10 lines of dialogue or less
  • Deadline: 8/15/20
  • Reading: 8/30/20

The Halloween Challenge

  • Winning Script and Writer: “Knock Yourself Out” by Tiffa Foster
  • Theme of Challenge: Halloween themed script
  • Deadline: 10/15/20
  • Reading: 10/25/20

The Procrastination Short Script Challenge

  • Winning Script and Writer:  “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” by Jeff Holman
  • Theme of Challenge: Procrastination
  • Deadline: 1/23/21
  • Reading: 1/24/21