Short Script Rules

These are the general rules and submission process for any SWW short script contest or writing challenge.


If you’re not already a member, to submit a script you must JOIN HERE first.



  • Entrants must be current Screenwriters’ Workshop (dues-paying) members residing in either Minnesota or any Wisconsin county adjacent to Minnesota or participating in a script group on a regular basis.
  • Scripts must not be more than 10 pages in length.
  • Maximum 4 speaking characters and 3 locations.
  • Scripts must meet the requirements of the specific contest or challenge.
  • Script must be written in industry-standard screenplay format.
  • Script must be submitted in .pdf format only.
  • Paid members may enter only ONE script.
  • Members are only eligible to win 1 script script challenge per year, or one short script contest.
  • The burden is on the writer(s) to provide adequate documentation of requirements.
  • No SWW member assisting with the contest may enter.

For a list of movies, TV shows, and tips for writing “contained” or “limited location” screenplays, go to our Resources page.


    • Email contest entries and/or questions to:
    • Put the title of script in the subject line. In the body of the email include the script title, the writer’s name (must be a paid SWW member), the writer’s contact email and phone, the script’s genre, page count, and logline.
    • Please attach a .pdf of the script with a cover page without the writer’s name anywhere on the title page or in the script.
    • The winning script’s title, logline, and writer’s name will be posted online, and all entrants will be notified of the public reading.