Feature contest winners

Here’s a list of SWW’s feature contest winners:

(2018)  THE QUEEN’S MESSENGERS  by Tim Franz
Genre: Fantasy, 93 pages
Logline: The Queen of Kaillenshire sends three disabled children to rescue the Prince kidnapped over a thousand years ago from an evil being.

(2017)  FRANNY & CLARKBAR  by Paul Coleman
Genre: Romance, 92 pages
Logline: When two humans break up, their dogs go on an epic journey to reunite.

(2016)  SUMMER OF ’79  by Angela Andrist
Genre: Drama, Coming-of-Age, 105 pages
Logline: Breaking the rules, elderly lovers help a lost teenage girl find her future under the disco ball.

(2015)  ANATOMY OF A TOWN  by Patricia Fox
Genre: Drama/Mystery, 111 Pages
Logline: The Chief of Police investigates and solves the murder of a young woman while confronting the Sheriff, who blocks his every move for jurisdiction, but also to protect himself from the Chief finding out his ties to both the murder victim and the killer.

(2014)  THE SAINT OF DENMARK FALLS  by Alan Porter
Genre: Drama
Logline: A disgraced ex-cop on his first assignment as an insurance investigator looks into what appears to be the accidental death of a popular small town mayor but finds a web of racism, betrayal and violence that forces him to reconsider the very notions of law and justice.

(2013)  DEGENERATE  by Karen Frank
Genre: Drama
Logline: Degenerate is about Otis Baker, who after spending twenty years in a mental hospital, asks his daughter and ex-fiance to take him to Germany to reconnect with his early years as a “degenerate” artist under the Nazi regime.

(2012)  OLD BONES by Larry Matthews
Genre: Drama
Logline: None provided, but a contest judge stated, “Our First Place winner took a risky parallel approach to the storytelling of this script, giving us two compelling main characters, each facing a life-or-death situation that ultimately brings them together by story’s end.”