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We’re excited you want to join our organization! Becoming a member of Screenwriters’ Workshop is just $50.00 a year, and students just $10 a year. Please follow the  steps below to become a member. Students wanting the reduced rate must use the “Snail mail” system below so they can include current proof of their full-time enrollment status.

All memberships are required to be an auto-renew subscription. You can cancel the automatic renewal later if you choose, but auto-renewal is the most practical way for us and you to avoid memberships lapses (which might just result in WWIII). To pay, click on the “Subscribe” button below. If you don’t have a PayPal account, no biggie, just select “No PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card” (then follow the directions to set up a temporary PayPal account). After you approve payment, you’ll get PayPal e-mails confirming you’re a member. Keep these e-mails as they have instructions on how to access your temporary account, cancel annual renewal (and risk WWIII), etc.

Join by regular mail:

Pretty-please only print out and mail the PDF form below if you absolutely cannot pay online. If you use “snail mail,” be aware that we don’t issue membership cards anymore. Thus, you won’t get notified when your membership lapses. So, tattoo your renewal date on your arm, or write it on a wall or calendar please. Students, please include proof of your current full-time enrollment status in order to qualify for the lower rate.

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