Minnesota proud


Congratulations to Wenonah Wilms for her feature screenplay Horsehead Girls!

Screenwriters’ Workshop thanks Wenonah for representing Minnesota’s screenwriting community by winning one of the four 2018 Academy Nicholl Fellowships. She is also one of the five drama feature finalists in the 2018 Austin Film Festival (keep your fingers crossed for her!).  If these accolades weren’t enough, she is a 2018 McKnight Media Artist Fellow.

Regarding 2018 she said, “It’s been a crazy ride!” But the ride is just starting since all this recognition helped her secure an agent “with one of the ‘biggies.'”

For those who are curious, Horsehead Girl’s logline is “A blackjack dealer living on a remote reservation recovers from a night of brutality trying to save a girl from a sex trafficking ring. When her teenage daughter is kidnapped by the same organization she fights to not let her become part of a horrific fate she knows too well.”

Wenonah has written 22 features over the past 18 years, and has applied to the Nicholl Fellowship for 16 years (being a semi-finalist in 2015 and 2017). She  was a guest panelist at SWW’s 2016 annual meeting. We wish her the best going forward, and can all be inspired by her perseverance.

UPDATE 10/31/18:  Wow, all the crossed fingers paid off!  Wenonah won the Austin Film Festival Drama Screenplay contest too!!!!  Minnesota proud indeed.