Screenwriters’ Workshop Newsletter: September 17, 2019

Check Out 2nd Tuesday Script Reading… But Wait ‘Til October!
At the annual meeting we talked about what an amazing opportunity you have as an SWW to attend a 2nd Tuesday Script Reading. Participants get to read and critique (and hear critiqued) amazing scripts written by our member, receiving written coverage by MCTC students. You can have your scripts read as well. Unfortunately, Karen Frank, our amazing, award-winning 2nd Tuesday facilitator, is out of town this month, but she’s scheduling out for the coming months. If you have a script that is already completed and ready for review, contact Karen at

Our Script Groups Meet Every Week—Do the Deep Dive With Your Writing…
Although 2nd Tuesday is on hiatus this month, Screenwriters’ Workshop’s script groups are the place to start for reviewing your scripts. To get a screenplay produced, you have to convince other people to invest a couple of million dollars in your writing. Even to win a contest, you have to see your work through the eyes of other people. With that in mind, consider attending our weekly script groups to get feedback from a variety of other people. Non-members can try out script groups for up to three times before deciding on whether to become a member. Click here for more information on our Thursday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday night groups.

Join Our Committee Meetings (with Lunch) to Plan for the Year Ahead
We’ve had many amazing events this year, and they were all made possible by our dedicated volunteers. From our annual meetings to our tee-shirts to our amazing summer events, we get things done by taking a little time on a quarterly basis with a broad group of people, so many hands make light work. It’s a great opportunity to meet people, network, and hone your creative skills. Our next committee meetings are Saturday, October 12, 2019 from 11:30 to 12:30. Then we hang out and talk over lunch for a half hour. If you like it, you can even stay for the board meeting from 1:00-2:30PM. The meeting is held at FilMNorth at 550 Vandalia in St. Paul. We know you are busy, so commit to only those things you can follow-through on. All members are welcome!

Speaking of Our Amazing Events…
Our Future of Story event on July 31st was a hit with standing room only at Playwright’s Center. Twelve panelists, including Minnesota’s own Tom Pope presented to packed seating. Sponsored by Michael Wiese Productions, the panelists discussed everything from animation to documentaries to pitching. They even offered opportunities for our members to practice pitching their own products, coaching them on how to be effective, and gave away books and other prizes. All said, it was a wonderful collaboration, and we hope to offer other events as authors make their book tours through the Twin Cities. A special thanks to Educational Programs Committee members Kelly Lamphear-Dash, Karen Frank, and Hafed Boussida, Member Services/PR Committee Member Beth Adams, and our board treasurer, Ed Leschke.

Screenwriters’ Workshop also sponsored a booth at Dakota County Arts-in-the-Park on Saturday, August 3, 2019 from 1:00-4:00 PM at Thompson County Park in West St. Paul. Our “Build-a-Story Workshop” inspired kids from ages three to eighty-three to write scripts by building a story off a bare bones script with randomized prompts, then encourage them to create videos at the park. Everyone who participated had a lot of fun, and we hope to partner in the future for similar events. Thank you to Member Services/PR Committee members Dick Zonneveld and Julie Meyer, and Grants and Fundraising Committee member Noukou Thao for making this event a success!

Bragging Rights
Don’t forget, Screenwriters Workshop members get public shout outs for placing in major contests or production efforts. Keep us in the loop at: