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“TJ Tech” pilot episode

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SHORT SCRIPT WINNERS:  Our winning/produced short scripts are below (note, this contest has gone by various names over the years, such as Short Script Challenge, Script2Screen Challenge, and ScreenLabs).  The list is incomplete, but we hope to add older winning scripts/videos later as part of archiving efforts.

(2021) TBD

(2020) Click here for winning script prize details. The “For Love or Money” script winners are (in no particular order):

  • “The Finder of Lost Things” by John Gigrich
  • “The Day the Box Arrived” by Daniel Polsfuss
  • “Albert Wants a Shirt” by Tiffa Foster
  • “The Road Home” by KT Perleberg
  • “Caveat Emptor” by Kelly Lamphear-Dash

(2019)  NOTE:  There was a tie, and the winners Tiffa and Karen split the monetary award.

(Tie) “WAIT, WHAT?” written by Tiffa Foster
Genre: Comedy
Logline: A teenage girl asks a middle-aged man personal questions while in a waiting room of an STD clinic.

(Tie) “YOU ARE HERE” written by Karen Frank
Genre: Drama
Logline: An archival photo on Google maps becomes a surprising source of comfort for a recently widowed woman.

(2018)  NOTE: There was a tie, and the winners John and Kelly split the monetary award.

(Tie) “WITCHES OF WONDER” written by John Gigrich
Genre: Fantasy
Logline: Two young witches try to rescue their youngest sister after they accidentally send her four days back in time and realize there’s something very very wrong.

(Tie) “PRE-DETERMINED” written by Kelly Lamphear-Dash
Genre: Drama
Logline: Is your destiny up for discussion?

(2017)  “SIX MONTHS”  written by Amber Patton
Genre: Romance
Logline: A young couple attempt to reconcile after a horrific accident has left them scarred and separated.
NOTE: This year SWW’s short contest only gave a monetary award, not a production grant.

(2016)  “STAY OF EXECUTION”  written by May Chaplin
Genre: Science Fiction
Logline: When the battle over earth is won by the Light, a convicted criminal on death row is rescued by a Healing Team for reassignment to another planet.
Contact: May Chaplin, 612-325-7755, Email

(2015) “VOODOO”  written by Peter Groynom (renamed later to “BOARDROOM”)
Genre: Paranormal Comedy
Logline: Stewart, lonely and unemployed, discovers that his dim-witted childhood friend is now a millionaire. What’s his secret?

(2014)  “GARBAGE SALE”  by Karen Frank
Genre: Comedy
Logline:  Two rival antique dealers duke it out over a supposed invaluable piece of art they find at a garage sale run by two unsuspecting youngsters.

Here’s also a link to Karen’s “Garbage Sale” interview she did for the Twin Cities Film Festival:

(2013)  “PATIENCE”  written by Thomas McGovern
Genre: Drama
Logline: “A middle manager with some unhealthy qualities gets involved with his employees’ personal lives.”
Contact: Thomas McGovern, 763.273.3867, Email

(2012)  “AND THE WINNER IS…”  written by May Chaplin
Genre: Drama
Logline: A little boy steers his way through life-altering changes.
Contact: May Chaplin, 612-325-7755, Email

(2011)  “Burning Bridges”  written by Karen Frank
Genre: Comedy
Logline: Taylor expects to find the proper attire for her grandmother’s final day on earth, but choosing the right clothes exposes a hidden secret she will never be able to let go.

(2010)  “I’ve Got No Right to Sing the Blues” written by Julie Meyer
Genre: Drama
Logline: What gives someone the right to ‘sing the blues’? This is a question posed by ‘I’ve Got No Right To Sing The Blues’. It is the story of Sam and Annie, a teacher and student, meet and talk about the trails and struggles released in the beautiful, flowing rhythms of the blues.

(2009)  “Deaf Be Not Proud”   written by Karen Frank

(2008)  “Life Cycle”  written and directed by David C.C. Erickson
Genre: Science Fiction
Logline: A century after a global nuclear war, Earth’s last monoclonal colony faces extinction.

(2007)  “Forgotten” written by Julie Meyer
Genre: Drama
Logline: A nuns chance encounter with a troubled young woman takes an unexpected turn when they discover a mutual acquaintance.

Click here for a writeup on Julie’s 2007 Screenlab’s winner.

(2002)  “A Specialist in his Field”  written by Dave Kunz
Genre: Dark comedy
Logline: Valeri and Tom’s marriage is in trouble. Valeri’s friend, Miriam, recommends a no-nonsense counselor who promises “conflict resolution, guaranteed.” When Miriam’s husband goes missing detectives begin to investigate.

(2002?) “Falling Apart” by May Chaplin

(2001?) “The New Boy” written by Mark Moreau

(ca 1990s) “Down the the Wire”  written by Dick Shapiro